Massage Therapy is at least as old as written history and is also instinctive.  We don't need to be taught to rub our head or leg to ease pain, even small children do it automatically. Around the world, every culture recognizes the healing power of massage with many developing their own unique systems of treatment using manual therapy.  It's been around for centuries because it works.

Various forms of Therapeutic Massage:

  • Can help ease sore muscles and joints
  • Increase circulation for healing sprains and strains
  • Help heal soft tissue injuries
  • Help relieve stress
  • Can connect you with your body
  • Ease anxiety
  • Help you learn to reach a meditative state
  • Help rebalance your nervous system

" I would describe Rebecca's massages as 'impactful'. She has been an important part of my athletic recovery.  I do Crossfit five days a week which includes high intensity workouts with heavy lifting in addition to working and raising my children.  She has helped my body keep up with my life using massage, stretching and Foundation Training exercises.  She uses organic, non-toxic massage and essential oils which is important to me and my health.  The treatment room feels safe and inviting and is a welcome respite in my busy life.  My body feels better than ever at 45!!!  Thank you! <3"

        -Anna O. , Middle School Teacher

"I've done physical labor my entire life and for the last 20 years Rebecca has been my fixer.  She's very passionate about her work and she gets results. Because of her commitment to continually educating herself, she has consistently brought a fresh perspective and new techniques to her practice over the years. "

- ​Paul D. , Cabinetmaker and Craftsman

Rebecca Maldonado is a Certified Massage Therapist ( CMTC # 22775)  and Movement Coach.  She has been in practice in a clinical setting for over 28 years.  During that time she has performed thousands of massage sessions on people suffering from a variety of orthopedic issues, professional athletes, post and pre surgical patients, young athletes as well as those advanced in age.  Some of her favorite techniques include resistance stretching, myofascial release, orthopedic massage, lymphatic drainage, joint mobilization, thai massage, cupping and hand/foot reflexology.

massage, movement, nutrition

​"Rebecca thinks "big picture".  When I have an ache or pain we talk about posture, body mechanics and anything else that could be contributing to the pain.  The massage feels amazing but all the other things help me to avoid pain in the future and keep my body in great shape.  It's not just about feeling good for one session but also learning how to care for myself so that I can get long-term relief"

-Ranae G. , Folklorico Dancer / Instructor