Movement is life.  It's an expression of your vital energy.  When you're happy and energized, you move a certain way.  When you are overwhelmed or tired, you move another way.  

Children move constantly and find joy in it.  When people set fitness goals and fail to follow through, it's not always about willpower.  Many times it's an issue with pain.  The less you move the harder it is to change a sedentary path.  Many people try to "power through" a workout and can end up with an injury or in pain that interferes with work or home duties.

How do you usually move through your day?  What do your habits of movement say about you and how you see yourself in the world? 

Over time, poor movement patterns can express themselves in weak, imbalanced muscles, accelerated wearing away of your joints and injury.  With efficient movement patterns, however, muscles, tendons and joints get stronger and less prone to injury.

"I am in my 70s and am amazed at the things I am currently capable of doing physically.  I have had back issues for my entire adult life.  I've tried many different therapies with no lasting relief.  I have been training with Rebecca for two years now (along with her massage therapy) and have not had a problem with my back.  The pain relief has freed me to train harder and get stronger.  If you follow her program and put the work in, you will get the results.  I love that she makes it easy to incorporate them into my daily activities and they don't take large amounts of time to do. It turns out my best days are not yet behind me!"


  -Lorraine M., retired Grocery Store Clerk

2. Where would you like to be?

What would your life look like without current pain, stiffness or lack of ability to move like you did when you were younger?  What could you accomplish with a strong, fit body? Do you need help setting meaningful, achievable goals? How will you feel when your body matches the age you feel on the inside?

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"I was born with several fused vertebra in my spine.  The Foundation Training paired with Rebecca's therapeutic massage has made a huge difference. This is the best I've felt in my entire life.  First she gave me hope and then came the results."

- Claudia M. , Frito-Lay Route Driver

3. The Plan

We create a plan that builds strength, balance and agility without danger of injury.  Your custom program fits your life based on what kind of work you do, family obligations and whether you currently engage in physical activities or not.  Your plan will stay fresh and change as you get stronger.  You will always have just enough challenge to grow and never be bored.

After going through your routine with me personally you will have access to my app where you can watch videos of your exercises and connect with me in case of questions or feedback on your workout plan.

Your custom Movement Plan will take you through 3 steps:

1. Where are you? 

What kind of work do you do?  Do you exercise?  Have you had any past/current injuries? Do you have pain or stiffness? After a written assessment, I take you through a physical movement assessment to test how each of your joints work, if you have pain or limited movement we get you set with exercises that match your current level. The goal is to get you stronger without causing injury. There is no reason for an older truck driver who has been inactive for years to have the same starting workout as a 25 year old student without any history of pain. It doesn't make sense to me that people of all different fitness levels and histories of past injury should be participating in the exact same fitness routine. 

Let's plan long term and custom build a routine that fits you.  If you stay within your abilities, it's almost impossible to injure yourself.  No pain, More gain.