What are the benefits of massage therapy in the workplace?

Long hours of sitting and concentrated work on a computer or other device can result in tension, pain, headaches and a list of other complaints.  The benefits of massage therapy include :

  • Ease pain related to repetitive use (trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon pain etc.) 

  • Bring back a relaxed, focused, and creative mindset

  • Ease neck and back tension/pain

  • Relieve headaches, face and jaw pain

  • ​Improve work satisfaction

  • Increase energy levels

  • Strengthen immune function

Massage therapy  paired with movement therapy, posture and body mechanics is a powerful combination that gives profound and long lasting pain relief

What is movement therapy?

Movement therapy is addressing pain and stiffness through posture assessment, dynamic posture, education on efficient movement patterns and specific exercise protocols to minimize pain and injury.  This is personalized instruction so that you can take part in addressing weak or painful joints and muscles on your own.  It is a great modality to pair massage therapy with as it increases all the benefits related to massage therapy and makes your body stronger and more supple.

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What is workplace or on-site massage therapy? 

This type of massage is done fully clothed without oil or lotion in an ergonomically designed chair that you lean into.  This makes it easy to take a massage break with minimal interruption of work duties and go back refreshed and energized to your regular activities.

massage & Movement 

What are the benefits of movement therapy?

Movement therapy is a specific type of assessment and training that puts the power to feel relief from aches, pain and tension into your own hands.  Some benefits of corrective exercises are:

  • Reduces repetitive use injuries

  • Builds stronger joints

  • Relaxes the nervous system (vagus nerve activation)

  • Builds a stronger body overall

  • Strengthens your immune system

  • Increases balance and healthy posture

  • Expends frenetic, stressed energy and increases focus