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​"With the removal of my gall bladder,  I have been unable to digest fats properly which caused major disruption of my digestive system.  Rebecca was able to suggest some supplements to help and the result is amazing. Right away I noticed the effects of my body releasing and minimizing fats in my system.   Today I am feeling better than I have in a long time! My nausea is reduced and my digestive system is much improved.  Goodbye to unnecessary suffering. " 

  - Anna B.,  retired Executive Assistant

"I've had the opportunity to sample Rebecca's recipes and attend her classes over the course of 10 years.  She has a gift of using the best ingredients, and creating recipes that are highly nutritious as well as delectable.  It's food I can feel good about!"                                     

​     -Tara J. , Medical Office Coordinator 


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Healthy eating can be summed up very simply.  Eat real food, lots of plants, hydrate, protect your digestion and eliminate the waste.  If it's so simple, why are so many of us suffering with health conditions related to diet?  My mission as your Holistic Lifestyle Coach is to help you navigate some of the common obstacles we face when making healthy choices:

  • How can I get rid of my intense cravings for junk food?
  • How can I go shopping for groceries without spending massive amounts of money on food?
  • How can I prepare healthy food with my busy schedule?
  • What if I don't like the taste of healthy food?
  • I've tried everything and I don't want to fail again.

Our goal is not rigid perfection but healthy balance.  If you constantly make withdrawals to your bank account and not enough deposits, you will be out of funds.  If you make more deposits than withdrawals, you will have funds when you need them.  If you make lots of deposits and invest wisely, you can make an occasional withdrawals without creating problems. The same is true with our health habits.  

"Rebecca's food is both delicious and nutritious! I have suffered with bad, painful

eczema for yearsHer advice helped me target the problem from the inside and learn how to take care of myself with the foods I eat.  These choices have even helped me cope with stress and anxiety.  From learning how to prepare

delicious meals to various home remedies and herbal tinctures I feel like I have been able to take an active role in my health and take ownership of my body ​and wellbeing. Now I feel a glow inside and out!" 

- Julia M. , College Student and part time barista